Solar Pad

SL 1800 HBR


Smart and sustainable solar energy solutions for your home or business needs. Solar Panel SL1800HBR is the main component in generating DC electricity which is produced directly from the sunlight is then stored in the battery and partly converted into AC electrical energy using an inverter and flowed directly from the inverter to the PLN installation network directly. The SL1800HBR that we offer you is the best component that the SL1800HBR can produce 90% Electricity, which can save PLN electricity consumption at home or your business becomes more efficient.

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Generate cleaner, greener energy for your home using advanced high-quality solar panels with compact on-grid inverter and integrated Wi-Fi communication system.

Grade A Solar Cells

Made from advanced materials, including galvanized aluminum, silicone, and tempered glass.

On-Grid Micro Inverter

Easily installed, compact yet efficient on-grid inverter.

Integrated Wi-Fi Communication

Solar energy usage and savings monitoring via MODENA Seamless application.

Solar Pad

Smart and sustainable solar energy solution for your home or business needs.


Length: 2108 mm
Height: 1080 mm
Thick: 40 mm
Weight: 30 kg


1. Grade A Solar Cells
2. On-Grid Micro Inverter
3. Optimal Energy Absorption
4. Durable Tempered Glass
5. Galvanized Aluminum Frame
6. Maximum Power Point Tracking
7. Adaptive Voltage
8. Wide Temperature Operational Range
9. Low-Temperature Coefficient
10. Low Light Performance
11. Extreme Weather Resistant
12. Potential-Induced-Degradation (PID) Resistant
13. Tough IP65 Casing
14. Minimal Noise: 25dB
15. Integrated Wi-Fi Communication
16. Remote Firmware Update
17. Easy Maintenance
18. Solar Battery


1. Solar Panel 4 pcs
2. Inverter 1 pc 1400 watt 
Optimal Energy Absorption
State-of-the-art design allows for 99% energy absorption.
Extreme Weather Resistant
Robust frame capable of withstanding the most extreme environmental conditions.
Optional Solar Battery
Battery-powered hybrid system allows excess daylight energy to be conserved for nighttime use.


Sorry, the product is currently out of stock