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Why work with MODENA

  • Gain brand awareness
  • Build competitive advantage
  • Attract new customers
  • Increase product credibility
  • Opens new retail channels
  • Improve market share


Branding Partnership
Create synergies by leveraging each other’s strength

Commercial Partnership
Open and develop new markets through new business models

Brand Licensing
As a trusted premium brand in Indonesia for about 40 years, we welcome the opportunity to support other companies by licensing MODENA’s brand. As a market leader, we understand the importance of gaining, and constantly maintaining, the customers’ confidence. There will, inevitably, come a time when new opportunities call for expansions beyond the company’s core competency, and this is where ‘MODENA Brand Licensing’ comes into play.

Licensor chooses the product categories to be licensed
Licensor negotiates a license with licensee
Licensor approves licensed product for sale
Licensee sells approved product through authorized channel to customer
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