Where to get MODENA care support?

Contact us online through official website, Contact Center, Email, Whatsapp and Reach out on social media  to get support from an expert

Official Website : MODENA

Email :  MODENA Care Cambodia

Facebook : Facebook MODENA Cambodia

Instagram : Instagram MODENA Cambodia

Youtube: Youtube MODENA Cambodia

When I have problems with the product, what should I do ?

Our customer care team will be happy to assist you through our channels and provide online support by consultation before setting a schedule with a technician.

How to place an order?
1. Shopping at MODENA official e-commerce platforms is easy and safe.
2. Or you may come to our offline store near to your area

How to track my parts and accessories order

Contact Us via care.cambodia@modena.com at working hour : 08.00 - 17.30

What if I received a broken product, can I request new product replacement?

Our products have passed the QC checklist, if there is any failure or broken products, please contact our team via the website

Can I request to change the model after purchase (e.g Size issues, Colour issues, material issues)?

Return product process are not eligible once you confirmed your order and finished payment.

What do you need to prepare to install a hob?

Stove hole, BRAVAREG (gas hose, gas regulator, hose clamp/clamp, gas cylinder seal), Gas Cylinder.

What steps are taken if the stove lighter does not work?

If using battery check and replace it regularly. If using cable, please check the electricity and if it is plugged appropriately

What causes the Suction power of HOOD to decrease?

It can be from dirty Aluminum Filters and dirty Carbon filters (both can be cleaned by yourself, but it is more advisable to replace them if the usage of the unit is more than 4 - 6 months).

How to use the tube cleaning program on the DD 68 unit?

This function is used to clean and sterilize the inner tubes and networks, pipes. To activate, hold down the drum cleaner button for about 5 seconds. During this process, the heating and cooling functions stop working. The hot water digital display will turn on the indicator light. During this process do not use the unit.

It is recommended to use this function at night, especially after the children and the elderly are away. After the 75-minute cleaning process is complete, it will continue with the 75-minute cooling process and after that the unit will return to normal. If you want to exit this program before the cleaning process and / or the cooling process is complete, press and hold the tube cleaning program button for about 5 seconds.

Can MODENA hobs use Natural Gas?

Yes, all types have been equipped with additional nozzle, if you want to replace natural gas, only replace the particular nozzle.

What is the ideal distance between the cooker hood and stove based on MODENA standardization?

65 cm minimum - 75 cm maximum

How long is the product warranty valid?

All our products are covered by a 1-year warranty.

How do I claim product warranty?

Customers are required to show product warranty receipt/proof of purchase of the product.

What are the benefits of making repairs at MODENA official aftersales?

Get guaranteed warranty after repairment, which lasts for 30 days, get guaranteed ORIGINAL spare parts with reliable technicians.

How to pay for product repair?

Contact Us via MODENA Care Cambodia at Working Hour : 08.00 - 17.30

When does the warranty period start?

Starting from the product purchased according to the date of purchase/proof of purchase.

My guarantee was rejected, why?

There are non-conforming terms, see details of warranty claim terms and conditions.

When the product is repaired, will a temporary replacement product be provided?

Depending on the type of damage and the necessary corrective action and depending on the stock availability at our warehouses.

What is a service campaign?

Our special program related with after sales services for all customers.

When is the service campaign period?

Our updated events are always posten on our social media, please check regularly and Follow our official account