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Cooker Hood for Healthier Living:

The Benefits of a Cooker Hood

02 June 2021

Having a modern kitchen is essential for today’s modern homes. With its tidiness, innovation, and uniqueness, a modern kitchen can brighten the atmosphere of any living space, and more importantly, promote a healthier way of living for you and your family.

In this day and age, an enviable kitchen is not complete without a cooker hood. But what is a cooker hood? A cooker hood extracts airborne grease, steam or fumes, to create cleaner air for your kitchen.

Having a hood is as essential as having a cooking hob. The two items complete each other due to their specific functions. A cooker hood plays a bigger role than most people know, from its functions to its aesthetics. Here are the points you need to know about a cooker hood.

More than just clean air

Preparing a meal will be far less troublesome and stressful with a hood. Your house will be free of odors and other unwanted smells and steam from your cooking. Answering this particular need is MODENA’s Hood CX 7310L, equipped with various features, such as an aluminum cassette filter, which is a filter system consisting of five aluminum layers to absorb bad air in liquid forms such as oil and water. It also comes with an active carbon filter that absorbs smoke for optimal filtration and Vitamin C filter to freshen and neutralize unpleasant odor in the outdoor kitchen air.

With its curved hood and powerful motor, it amplifies the absorption of unpleasant smoke to improve your kitchen air quality more effectively. When cooking a steak in a hoodless kitchen, for example, generated smoke will circulate around your kitchen, leaving unpleasant odors and air pollutants, such as oil steam around your room that would take days to disappear. With a hood installed, rest assured, you won’t be walking out of the kitchen smelling like your dinner. Your clothes and hair will be safe from smoke and your family will be able to enjoy dinner odor-free. The CX 7310L is also equipped with LED Light to give you optimal lighting, helping you master your cooking skills clearer and better. Your cooking process will be 100% tidier with a bright hood light.

The modern aesthetics of a proper hood also represents a good investment. If you’re planning to sell your house in the future, a modern and complete kitchen will undoubtedly attract more interest and add resale value. Additionally, the hood’s sleek diamond black color fits perfectly in any modern designs, which results in an overall cleaner environment where your cooking wouldn’t cause any air pollutants to your home.

Indulge in excellence and luxury with MODENA’s expertise in kitchen appliances and design. It is undoubtedly the right choice for a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. Find out more about MODENA’s cooker hood and its many benefits at your nearest KFOUR Outlet. 


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