Trade In
Out With The Old, In With The New

With our refined Trade-In program, you can purchase new MODENA products by exchanging your old ones, and you only need to pay the difference in price after our exclusive Trade-In discount!

While you may no longer want to keep them, your older products’ usefulness is far from over! Since we know them best, we refurbish and repair our own products back to its almost brand new condition and repurpose them to support a circular economy, from charity, donation, clearance sales, and many more. 

Upgrade your old products

You can upgrade older products to newer, fresher models with the latest technology and features.


A quick solution to replace your old products, we will take care of getting rid of your old items and install the new, upgraded products

Get Special Discount

Enjoy special discount for your new product, based on the age and condition of your old item.