To be a Driving Force Towards an Interconnected World
Our Future
The people working here are building amazing experiences into every MODENA product, doing things that had never been done before. MODENA thinks about how to integrate all products into a 360° Ecosystem with the mission of making lives easier.  We are pushing in the areas of the Home, the Kitchen, Renewable Energy, Mobility and in Aerospace. Interconnected for me means freedom, it means I do not need to do housework anymore.

The Eye | AI & Machine Learning

Our AI & Machine Learning team here had developed the Eye Technology for the use of Surveillance and micro-image recognition. We are using this technology to be used in various applications from Drones, to Robotic Appliances to Electric Vehicles to LEO Satellites.

The Board™ & Module | Mobility

<p>The World becomes limitless with Mobility. Here at MODENA we are re-imagining the way that people move from place to place. We developed the Board™ to disrupt short distance mobility standards from one place to another. After all, mobility is about getting from point A to B – we only try to make it more efficient, effective, Eco-friendly. </p> <p>In our mission to move the world from Gas-Dependency to Renewable Energy, our Team of Engineers have developed the Module which is the world’s first Electric Vehicle Charger with software-tracking Capabilities. The Module is able to charge any Electric Vehicle of any Brand, and you will be able to check the status of the Car Battery level from our Mobile App. </p>

The PowerPad™ | Energy

Bring the World’s Cleanest Energy Source closer to You. 
Our MODENA PowerPad is engineered with the vision of decentralizing energy. With a PowerPad in every home, campus, office and building, we will be able to harness the Sunlight’s infinite energy, store the excess energy in the MODENA PowerPad and for the first time ever, use it at night or at a power outage. Store energy, 24 hours outage protection, and power your home. <br>

MODENA, Beyond Imagination

Better Life, Better Future

The God’s Eye - Aerospace

MODENA’s Aerospace Program Mission is to become a catalyst to understanding and improving life on Earth in order to give Humans better access to connectivity.<br>As part of our program, our AI & Machine Learning team is working to create a satellite aggregator system together which we call the God’s Eye. Supported by our strategic area being closer to the Equator, we cover the areas of Command Center and Satellite Communication.