Cooking Tips to Reduce Fat in Your Meal

Your new year’s resolution may not sound so different than last year’s, but to start 2023, let's all be mindful of what we do to our bodies, this includes the way we cook our meals. There are plenty of ways to improve our health, and one of them would be to reduce the consumption of fat in our food. We have listed some tips that you could try to make healthier meals down below! 

1. Use other alternatives to replace coconut milk 
We all know and love the richness of coconut milk and how it can elevate our beloved Asian dishes. But coconut milk falls into the category of saturated fat that can easily increase triglyceride levels. These triglycerides are not a special class of fats, but fats with three molecules of glycerol ester, and fatty acids. The higher the levels of this substance in the body, the higher your risk for heart disease and metabolic syndrome. So, if you are about to make dishes with coconut milk, you can use other alternatives such as soy milk or thin coconut milk. 

2. Get rid of the fat 
Another way to reduce fat in your meal is to get rid of the part where it contains fat. For example, if you are eating chicken then you can throw away its skin. You can also remove the fat in soups and vegetables, broth, or sauces. Keep them inside the refrigerator for about 1-2 hours until the fat floats to the top and hardens so you can easily remove it. 

3. Add more spices 
If you want to make your dishes to be even more flavorful without adding even more fat or salt, you can definitely try adding more spices. One of the benefits of spices to your body is that they can burn fat to speed up metabolism. Meat and vegetables are also good choices to cook with herbs, lime, vinegar, low-fat broth instead of oil. They’ll give a richness of flavors to your dishes with fewer calories. 
4. Use non-stick cookware 
Don’t forget to also use non-stick cookware so you don’t have to use too much oil. You would also realize that a lot of times when you’re cooking there will be remnants of food that stick to the pans, that is why it’s always a good idea to use non-stick pans! 

Cooking Tips to Reduce Fat in Your Meal
Your new year’s resolution may not sound so different than last year’s, but to start 2023, let's all be mindful of what we do to our b...
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