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The Hub

  • A smart stove that transforms the way 
  • you perform in the kitchen. 
  • Everyday essentials, 
  • taken to new heights. 
  • Your home of the future has arrived.

The Hub™, a new way of cooking.

Fusing our Free-Zone Induction Hob with a beyond-durable tablet that can double as a prep board, The Hub allows you to look up endless recipes, play your favorite tunes, and cook up to six dishes in one go with exceptional precision.

When you thought we couldn’t make cooking any easier, we made it so.

With Free-Zone Induction, you can place your pan anywhere on The Hub™ and immediately start sizzling. Its strong magnetic field activates heat upon contact with your plan, while its Integrated Cooling System instantly cools the surface when your pan is removed.

Plan your meals, keep track of ingredients, or play a game between simmering time.

The possibilities are endless with The Hub™. Beyond control of the Hob, its tablet comes pre-programmed with apps to help you manage your kitchen and lifestyle, while its entertainment system rounds out the solution to make cooking a lot more fun.

  • Our products are constantly upgraded. 
  • Each new generation, a new revolution‎. ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ 
  • An ecosystem of 
  • solutions that enable 
  • and enhance your way of life.

UV Light +

The new wave of UV sterilization — 99.9% bacteria, viruses, and microbes’ elimination power. The innovative UV SterilWave™ takes the principle of normal UV-C radiation and pushes it to new heights by housing it in a specially engineered glass lamp for stronger short-wave emission.

Washing Machine

Say goodbye to energy-draining Hot Water wash. With UV SterilWave™, even a quick, gentle Cold Water cycle with our Washing Machine can still ensure perfectly clean and healthy results.

Tabletop Dishwasher

Get rid of stubborn
germs easily with UV
The technology automatically runs after each wash for completely sterile dishes and machine interiors.

BioPad Technology™

Engineered with the demands of modern life in mind, BioPad Technology™ is a disc that can reform the molecular structure of drinking water to create purer, energized hydration for your health. Made from a highly-designed glass, the replaceable disc is incredibly lightweight yet impeccably strong.

Water Dispenser

Hydrate to better health, better you. With BioPad Technology™, our Water Dispenser can infuse higher oxygen into your water for hydration that brings about balance
and rejuvenation
to your daily life.

Magni Health+

The final layer of our anti-rust technology, MagniHealth+™ effectively prevents the formation of rust caused by oxidation in your water supply. Integrated into all our Titanium Porcelain Enamel tanks, it works in tandem with our Ag+ AntibacterialTM to improve the health of your water — and you.

Electric Instant Water Heater

The catalytic MagniHealth+™ not only keeps rust at bay but extends the lifetime of our Water Heater by tenfold, ensuring the product that supplies you with endless hot water last endlessly.

  • The way you cook. 
  • The way you cool. 
  • The way you clean. 
  • And all in all,
    the way you live. 
  • Catered to with
    end-to-end solutions
Air Purifier

The World’s
Smartest Air Purifier.
The easiest you’ll ever breathe.

It’s like the old saying — you are what you breathe. Through extensive R&D into respiratory diseases and air-borne pandemics, our engineers have created the MO-D1, a fully-automated Robotic Air Purifier with the power to sense the slightest decrease in air quality or the growth of harmful microbes in your environment. Instantly, it will unlock from its dock and go from room to room to purify, before automatically returning to recharge.

Discover the power of Nebula Glass.

Our Nebula Glass is made with the strongest material in our years of manufacturing kitchen appliances. With the strength to hold up to 200Kg in weight and stand heat and fires, the gleaming, black top complements any kitchen design effortlessly

Air Curtain Shield,
beyond purification.

A Hood that not only purifies, but also protects you from smoke, heat, and splats while you cook. With Cool Blast Technology™ , which sucks in hot air and recycles it into a cool and crisp Air Curtain Shield, for a fresher, safer cooking experience.

Conserve power
and your food.

The newest champion of our Cooling range with XL Capacity for storing and freezing your family’s food and drinks. Outfitted with best-in-class cooling technology, it has the capability to keep your food and drinks fresher for longer with Low Watt, while reducing unpleasant odors from its environment.


A display beyond crystal clear and none of the fuss of other smart TVs. Our flagship M-TV is a joint venture with NVIDIA, offering 4K OLED immersion that enhances your watching, gaming, and beyond, with a strong 5G connection to any console or streaming service.

Let's goSeamless.

Welcome to the never-ending journey. A part of our vision for the future of the Home, Seamless breaks the invisible barrier between you, home, and technology. No commands needed to control your home, Seamless learns and adapts from your daily behaviors to create a fully personalized, automated journey for you.

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