A step into a
sustainable future.

With a mission to provide cleaner, greener energy for homes and businesses worldwide, we introduce our energy range that offers a variety of solar energy solutions that can be tailored to your electricity needs.

and industries.

A huge leap of the new
home superpower.

  • SolarPad |
  • PowerPad


Better Power, Better Savings.

4.8 kWh - 20 kWh

Perfected with the newest innovations in solar technology, SolarPad reliably converts cleaner, greener solar power for your home and business,
allowing you to save a great deal
on electricity bills, while contributing
to a sustainable future.​

What we have is exceptional.

Energy Efficiency

SolarPad is the most reliable and advantageous solution for your home or business power needs. The panels are low temperature coefficient and performs exceptionally well in low light and high temperature conditions.

Low light Performance

Easily monitored through Smart SolarPad’s
Integrated Wi-Fi.

Withstand the most extreme environmental conditions and reduce potential-induced degradation.

Quiet and
Extremely light.


A powerbank for your home.

4.8 kWh - 20 kWh

Up to


Scaling capacity.

Also easily monitored Smart Wi-Fi Tracker.

Fully equipped with an LCD Interface.

Built exclusively with a Hybrid

Designed with a Durable Case to ensure its longevity. ​


Starting from 100 kW

  • Industrial-scale solar battery 
  • for efficient solar energy storage. 
  • Suitable for industrial 
  • and commercial uses, 
  • as well as urban planning. 

big energy,
minimum space.

Enhance the future
by harnessing solar power.​
​SolarFloat enables maximal
energy input without
compromising land space.
Anti-Pollution Materials - Easy Assembly - Exceptional Chemical Stability - UV Shield Environment Protection - Recyclable

Light it up!

Starting from 100 kW

Power your home with
our fully integrated
solar ecosystem.​

SolarBeam X
20W – 120W

SolarBeam Y
12W – 120W

SolarBeam Z
80W – 140W

Intelligence-monitored high brightness LED
street light powered by built-in solar cells.
Suitable for commercial and industrial
use, as well as urban planning.

Build a greener world
with a complete lineup of
our solar ecosystem.

SolarRoof & SolarTile

Time to transform
your roof​

Revitalizes your roof by replacing it with attractive solar tiles that can provide you with electricity for decades. Pay less for electricity, save more energy.​


Cool with the
Power of the Sun​

Providing you with cutting-edge technology to lower your electricity expenditures. Our Solar Air Conditioners are built to military specifications and have an internationally recognized quality assurance system.​


The future of
water heaters​

Our Tankless Solar Water Heater integrates its panel and storage in one compact package for faster, easier installation. Up to 150 L capacity, its ability to produce an endless flow of hot water
on clean energy is truly unparalleled.​

Make the world greener with us.

We want to work with you. If you think the synergy of our two minds can create something new and game-changing for the world, hit us up!

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