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Our Core Principles


All MODENA products are designed with 360º sustainability in mind. Each iteration is exponentially greener, leveraging the latest technology to maximize energy efficiency and longevity. The goal is to enable seamless eco-living for all without any hassle.

Conscious Practice

MODENA operates in the green, actively limiting environmental impacts in all aspects of global production and distribution. Our operational mantra is to provide more value with less material, energy, and waste. For us, enabling an eco-friendly lifestyle should be accomplished through environmentally conscious methods.


The things achieved today ought to be surpassed over and beyond. Here in MODENA, we strive to increase our environmental value in all our playing fields year on year. The idea is simple – to persistently invent cutting-edge solutions that benefit human life and the environment. All progress matters, no matter how small.

We’re aiming
for net zero
by 2035.

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less single-use

We always reflect on the positive impacts that we contribute for the world. And our holistic approach serves the future of the planet.

Michael Jizhar

Executive Vice President of MODENA

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News & CSR

  • MODENA Enters Joint Venture With Chinese Manufacturer, Sonlu-Shangling

    Jiangsu, PRC – The joint venture between two forces in the consumer electronics industry aims to usher in a new era of home technology. On April 22nd, 2023, MODENA, global electronics and technology company, signed a Memorandum of Understanding...

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  • MODENA WS 1041 WCG Dishwasher: The Hippest Trend in Korea's Lotte Department Stores

    In January of this year, MODENA signed an agreement with MIMA International, one of the leading distributors based in Seoul, to represent MODENA-branded items in the South Korean market. As MODENA's Korean distribution partner, MIMA oversees shop...

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  • MODENA Ramping Up Manufacturing Capacity in Egypt to Supply African Markets

    We are thrilled to announce that we are expanding manufacturing capacity in Egypt by partnering with PASSAP, one of the country's major manufacturers and distributors of home appliances, as the official contract manufacturer for MODENA products.&...

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  • MODENA Donates Solar Panel to Help Empower Local Communities

    As one of the leading brands of Home Solutions, MODENA is committed to consistently giving back to those in need. To support our government in its efforts to expand the public awareness of using environmentally friendly energy, MODENA did an installa...

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