28 April 2023

MODENA Enters Joint Venture With Chinese Manufacturer, Sonlu-Shangling

Jiangsu, PRC – The joint venture between two forces in the consumer electronics industry aims to usher in a new era of home technology. On April 22nd, 2023, MODENA, global electronics and technology company, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Chinese manufacturer, Sonlu-Shangling, at their upcoming shared facility, marking the first step to realizing the two companies’ vision for the future of the home.

Under the terms of this phased joint venture, MODENA and Sonlu-Shangling, will develop and manufacture high-end appliances under the MODENA brand and distribute them to consumers across the People’s Republic of China, and then the world. With plans to manufacture up to 6 million units of products each year, the partnership will kick off with the upscaling of their shared facilities with automated technologies to fulfill increasing customer demands.

Michael Jizhar, Global EVP at MODENA said: “There is a clear alignment between MODENA and Sonlu-Shangling. Both companies have been major players in the consumer electronics industry for a while, covering multiple business verticals and customer segments. By sharing our R&D, manufacturing, and technology ecosystems, we spark a knowledge transfer to accelerate the race towards our collective goal – to innovate products that uplift the everyday human experience and shape a life more interconnected than ever before.”

In the last decade, Chinese consumers have become the drivers of growth for the global luxury market. Increased affluence indicates more income being spent on upmarket consumer goods across all industries, including electronics, making it one of the world’s most lucrative markets for brand penetration[1].

Eyeing this opportunity, MODENA and Sonlu-Shangling will kickstart their collaboration by developing appliances in the cooling and cleaning categories, such as high-end refrigerators and washing machines, to populate Chinese households with their cooling and cleaning products before expanding to other line-ups. All products will be engineered with the latest innovations for enhanced functionality and energy efficiency, including Intelligent Inverter, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to support the joint venture’s commitment to becoming China’s most top-of-mind brand for high-end home solutions.

Chen Quanmiao, President of Sonlu-Shangling said: “After learning more about MODENA’s vision and mission these past few months, we at Sonlu-Shangling are optimistic about this joint venture. The opportunities for a global brand in the evergrowing Chinese luxury market are immense, and we look forward to working with MODENA to provide the most innovative home appliances for customers across China.”

Peng Beiping, Managing Director for MODENA China adds: “The arrival of MODENA in China cannot come at a better time. This is one of the world’s most demanding markets, with considerable influence in shaping the latest product designs and technologies. As an agile brand, MODENA is always at the forefront of home and lifestyle innovations, and now with Sonlu-Shangling as our partner, we can achieve even greater things together.”

It is part of MODENA’s mission to make life not only easier but also greener for its customers. In other parts of the world, the brand has launched its MODENA Energy line, which focuses on manufacturing and distributing renewable energy solutions like solar panels and batteries for home, commercial, and industrial uses. As the company’s collaboration with Sonlu-Shangling continues to progress, the plan for MODENA Energy’s arrival in China stands firmly down the pipeline.

“At MODENA, we’re constantly challenging the boundaries of technological possibilities. The future we’re designing is a 360° Living Ecosystem, seamlessly powered by our end-to-end solutions and driven by the mission to discover a new standard of living for all,” ended Jizhar.

With MODENA’s strong brand equity and product development capabilities, as well as Sonlu-Shangling’s manufacturing infrastructure and vast distribution network in China, the joint venture paints a promising future for both companies. Together, their vision for a technologized home might just be closer to fruition.

[1] The new Chinese luxury consumers | McKinsey

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