Innovating the way
to better life, better future

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  • 1960s

    MODENA was born in Northern Italy.

  • 1980s

    MODENA moves its Global Headquarters to Asia

  • 2000s

    Product category enrichment through extensive R&D.

  • 2020s

    Range expansion into IoT, Energy, and beyond.

Our Establishments

The places we proudly
call home.

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Our Values

Growing together with passion.

Reflecting the world we live in.

It’s all we have in common.

Creating economic opportunities.

We team up with the world’s biggest brands to
cater our customers’ needs.

Greatness calls
you home.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

MODENA Donates Solar Panel to Help Empower Local Communities

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What’s New

  • MODENA Forges Partnership with Mongolian Conglomerate, Nomin Holding, to Drive Further Global Expansion

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  • MODENA Enters Joint Venture With Chinese Manufacturer, Sonlu-Shangling

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  • MODENA WS 1041 WCG Dishwasher: The Hippest Trend in Korea's Lotte Department Stores

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  • MODENA Ramping Up Manufacturing Capacity in Egypt to Supply African Markets

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  • MODENA Energy Supports Badya Project, Palm Hills’ Largest and Most Ambitious Development

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  • MODENA in Talks With Egyptian Government on Cairo Green Port Project

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  • Electric Vehicle Production Facility With the National Authority for Manufacturing

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  • Solar Panel & Microchip Production Facility With the Egyptian Military Armed Forces

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