Corporate Social Responsibility

MODENA Donates Solar Panel to Help Empower Local Communities

As one of the leading brands of Home Solutions, MODENA is committed to consistently giving back to those in need. To support our government in its efforts to expand the public awareness of using environmentally friendly energy, MODENA did an installation of solar panels in two selected areas around Jabodetabek. 

“Electricity has now become a major part and necessity in human life. Moreover, in the current conditions, the need for electrical energy is very much important to power internet devices, both for village administration needs and for online teaching and learning activities. If the electricity goes out or there is a disturbance, the internet network will automatically be cut off. So, to overcome this problem, while educating the public on the benefits of using renewable energy, we are distributing MODENA SolarPad as an alternative to electricity in Sirnajati Village, Bekasi, and Tipar Raya Village, Tangerang," said Bagus Prastowo as Director of MODENA.

MODENA SolarPad which was just launched, was initiated based on MODENA's awareness to fight the issue of global warming. By using solar panels, aside from being able to help reduce electricity costs, it is also an effort to reduce carbon footprints. 

“The energy resources available in Indonesia are very abundant, such as solar energy, wind energy, ocean waves, the river, and so on. These various energy sources are also available and accessible to rural communities. The purpose of procuring solar panels from MODENA, apart from helping the use of electricity in the village, we also want to provide insight to the community that the use of renewable energy can be a solution to electricity in the region,” explained Mamun Hossain as MODENA's Solar Business Development Senior Manager. 

"We hope that in the future, people's awareness of renewable energy can grow, and more people can feel the benefits of using alternative solar energy for their daily activities," said Bagus.