Welcome to the never ending journey.

Creating a seamless experience between you, technology & home. No need your command anymore to control everything at home, We listen from your behavior and create a personal automation journey just for you.

Learning from the current IoT product line-up, we envision the technology way further.

Existing and future technologies have the potential to significantly improve our quality of life, yet they are only made possible by the technology to which we are currently accustomed – The Emergence of IoT Technologies. ​ And now, we are here for it.​

Let’s begin with..

Seamless City Wait what?

Imagine a world where everything is seamless, not just in the confinement of your home, but everything around you: the streets, roads, all help you to do everything with ease.

With software integration and big data, Modena provides a connected atmosphere in which every civillian can benefit from a safer, healthier environment.

A city that puts you first.

Everything is integrated using big data to accommodate your daily routine and ensure your safety, health, and wellbeing, while also keeping social development at the forefront to prioritize what is most important to you. ​ read more

Smart City for healthier future

Our air quality detectors will be receiving data from the outside world and make it available to you in real time through the Seamless app – allowing you to make a better decision whether to do with transport planning, or just figuring out the most efficient way to get to work. ​ read more

Mobility Innovations

We push you further to take you further. Charge your Modena Board with our PowerPad and solar technology for your sustainable and smart solution.
We make mobility possible for all people without endangering the environment.​ read more

How did we get such a huge leap in the AI world?



We capture everything you do
and combine it with deep learning
to make your life easier
and more integrated than ever.
A time in which the
efficiency and order of your
daily life are much improved.​​

Human aspirations for
better life fulfillment.

We have pinpointed your everyday needs
by leveraging modern technology to make it
easier for you to survive, prosper, and evolve. ​

Connecting the dots from data taken from your daily life.

We keep track of your activity throughout the day; when you get off from bed, when you go to work, how long you spend in the living room, and everything else you do. ​

Everything is seamlessly integrated, giving you an unprecedented quality of life. ​

You have a lot on your plate,
and sometimes there is more on your
to-do lists than you can possibly
accomplish in a single day.
We have planned and envisioned
your everyday routines to assist
you deal with the burdens.

Seamless works on your life routine
so you can experience it to the utmost. ​

No commands necessary.

Automatically anticipate your wants and meet them halfway without you having to say a word. ​

Experience the unparalleled level of convenience. ​

What’s good for you? We know
better than yourself.

Your home
is ready
to serve you.

No need to worry about blackouts
while you arrive, no need to worry
about the room temperature,
everything is just set up automatically when you’re close to the home.

Do you know how it feels when your favorite jam is coming when you arrived at home?


Don’t stop!
just continue
your dance.

We also creating a seamless experience for your music.
With Seamless, your favorite song will automatically continue
playing wherever you are. So, don’t stop till you get enough!

It's night time

Watch TV, chill &
fall asleep?

You know how annoying it is when you're trying to fall asleep but the explosions from your television disturb your slumber?
Don’t worry, our Seamless knows whenever you falling asleep.
We guarantee you will experience the best sleep without disruption.

Feeling too cold and awakened in the middle of your sleep?

Now you don’t have to! Your dream doesn’t last forever. 💤

We knew that you’re busy during the day and we are hoping that you have a good sleep at night to fight for another tough day tomorrow. Seamless will automatically adjust the room temprature to improve your quality of sleep.

Lifecycle Successors.

A future in which an app evaluates you and tells you about your routines and habits, just like how a brief glance in the mirror each morning provides you with a visual signal on how you are feeling and how you appear to the outside world.​

An improved lifecycle in which everything is perfectly streamlined​
and fits all your needs. ​

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