• Where passion
  • expands into virtue
  • comes value that
  • advances the progress
  • of Mankind.

Need a place to stay? We've got a solution for you! Located within a short commute of our offices, you can enjoy a comprehensive lifestyle with no exception.

Take breaks, shoot some hoops. We believe properly that balancing work and play is the key to a happy life. That’s why our Basketball court is always at our employees’ disposal.

Some people need that runner’s high. Whether you’re a casual jogger or marathoner, we have an active running community in our offices that arrange Saturday cardio sessions.

Space evokes emotion, and feelings impact focus. We understand what’s best for your mind palace, that’s why our facilities are designed for people – a productive sanctuary.

Sometimes we’d love to munch while working. That’s why our offices have multiple kitchens complete with a vending machine, tea and coffeemaker, microwave, and other amenities.

Success Story

Mind-place Synergy

How a humanistic take

on space sparks joy.

“Here, my personal aspirations are catered for and directed towards a bigger cause than myself while being surrounded by like-minded individuals in a bonded ecosystem – impacting people’s lives through easing day-to-day pains one aspect at a time.”


Success Story


When people love what they do, the results are amazing.

“Being in the business of providing a comfortable lifestyle for our customers means that we must be in the same state of mind. Our workplace is casual enough to be relaxing, but without making us unproductive. I think regardless of which division we’re assigned in, my colleagues and I can agree that work had never felt easier.”


See Where You Belong


For the inventors who desire to bring value into our everyday life. This is where clever solutions are made daily, enhancing the mundane into something meaningful. To the team, it’s not just about devices, but the advancement towards the ideal seamless life.

Business Development

Business Development It’s not just about numbers. To the Business Development team, it’s about providing the means of a better, finer, and sustainable life for all. Tact and tactical, the team strive to bring the world closer to a better life one trade at a time.

Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications The storytellers and advocates of a better life. Exercising impactful 360º maneuvers, the Marketing & Communications team promotes MODENA’s values and solutions across physical and digital channels. With them, you’ll be sure to know that life can be seamless and easy with MODENA.

Software & Services

Software & Services Behind every function, there’s a well-thought-out system. As enablers, MODENA’s Software & Services team provides technological insights end-to-end, from your all-around home solutions to our business infrastructures that cater to our customers’ needs.

Human Capital

Human Capital A company’s purpose is driven and fulfilled by people. Our Human Capital team takes pride in cultivating diverse talents into the best version of themselves, all united for a single purpose - to make life easier for us all. We’re all different in our ways, but that’s where our strength shows.

Customer Care

Reliability is the name of the game. Sprawled across continents, MODENA’s Customer Care team always stands by and is ready to assist. Besides, isn’t it noble to contribute to preserving happiness for others?