The Board™

Riding Around in Ease​

Efficiently compact
in every aspect.​

Your eco-friendly and practical electric scooter.
Lightweight, keyless, and sustainable. With the NFC feature,
you can safely ride your scooter to your destination
without worrying of losing your key.​

with elegance
up to 50 km.​

Set your destination, tap the card,
and you're ready to go!​

Automated UAV Technology

The Eye

Advanced. Durable. Interconnected.

Equipped with an Automated IoT this technology can enhances any business practices across the industries. From logistical demands to agricultural needs such as spraying pesticides across enormous expanses of land. Our technology has endless possibilities across industries.

Time Efficient

More Eco-Friendly

Greater Accuracy

EV Charger

The Module™

Serving you the world's first electric vehicle charger with software capabilities to detect other Modules in the city as well as check the state of your vehicle's battery charge from our Mobile App.​
Convenient and efficient, it also allows you to link a payment gateway and charge users per use of the App.​



Energy conserving​


Electric Conversion Kit

Transforming your Vehicle​
into an EV

Reimagine the way you move with our slimmest yet most durable EV Conversion kit. The chassis is made from superalloys that can bear even the heaviest vehicles, while the battery is the most compact and efficient in its class. Capable of electrifying cars of any brands, sizes, and age.​

Spend less.

In comparison to the price of a brand-new, fully functional electric vehicle, this option will save you more money.​

Experience more.​

Having trouble deciding between two distinct car types? Well, this one is definitely for you. ​

Take part in lowering
carbon emissions.

A single electric car on the road for a year can save 1.5 million grams of CO2 from the atmosphere.​


We consider our many stylistic vehicle versions from the beginning of the idea process to create customized testing workflows that optimize time and resources for each vehicle.​

efficiency motors

Lowering pumping loss and friction and optimizing exhaust thermal signature and freight efficiency.​


Enhancing powertrain fuel economy and lower oxides
of Nitrogen and soot emissions. ​

Withstand the most extreme environmental conditions and reduce otential-induced degradation.



Long wheelbase, short overhang.
Inspired by classic Italian cars to drive you into the future with us.​
The MODENA GT-EV is finally here for you, utilizing breakthrough technologies such as our proprietary Battery Swap technology, which no other electric car manufacturer can offer.​



We investigate a vehicle that would be convenient for you, meet your needs, and have some emotional significance for you.​


Adaptable and cutting-edge in appearance, the design is in keeping with the idea of a high-tech and convenient driving performance.​


Consistently meeting all requirements throughout installation on a single chassis yields greater stability and ease of use.​


A comprehensive, end-to-end test is designed to guarantee your complete satisfaction with the vehicle's safety features and overall driving experience. ​

Engineered to enhance your driving experience.


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No moving parts

We believe that having fewer moving parts leads to better engines, and the design promises lower emissions and a longer-lasting engine.​


Agile and easy to park. Affordable for your budget. Decrease your vehicle tax. ​


Getting familiar with the ins and outs of our vehicle to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Excellent craftsmanship and execution.​

Faster Mapping

Keeping ahead through technology You would never have to worry about getting lost on the way.​

So everyone can
be mobile

  • Individual

    Assisting you to move swiftly and easily between
    different destinations.​‎

  • Public Transport

    A way to lessen the impact on the environment while simultaneously
    improving infrastructure.​‎

  • Logistics

    Supporting the growth of your business strategies with the most cost-effective mode
    of transportation.​‎

  • Easy-to-use, 
  • environmentally friendly, 
  • and functional mobility solutions. 
  • Just one touch 
  • is all it takes to feel the future.​ 
Think today,
drive tomorrow.​

Contact us so we can reveal the secrets of the future of mobility and the solutions we provide to you.​

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