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In addition to our repair service, we also provide you maintenance service (including unit cleaning) to ensure your unit works optimally.

MODENA provides two types of services:

  1. Carry-In Service: Our service center is available for repair service, you may bring your portable Home Appliances unit for faster service. 
  2. In-Home Service: Place your call and message us to arrange a time for our expert technician to visit you. 

Our customer care team will be happy to assist you through our channels and provide online support by consultation before setting a schedule with a technician.

1. Shopping at MODENA official e-commerce platforms is easy and safe.
2. Or you may come to our offline store near to your area

Our products have passed the QC checklist, if there is any failure or broken product please contact our team at [email protected]

Return product process are not eligible once you confirmed your order and finished payment.

Stove hole, BRAVAREG (gas hose, gas regulator, hose clamp/clamp, gas cylinder seal), Gas Cylinder.

Check the battery and replace it regularly.

It can be from dirty aluminum filters and dirty carbon filters (both can be cleaned by yourself, but it is more advisable to replace them if you have used the unit for more than 4-6 months).

Yes, all types have been equipped with an additional spuyer, if you want to replace it with natural gas, only replace the particular spuyer.

Check the electricity, open the bolt on the backside of the unit, cover the former blocking screw hole with a hole cover (should be done by a technician).

All of our products are covered by a 1-year warranty.

Customers are required to show product warranty receipt/proof of purchase of the product.

Get a guaranteed warranty after repairment, which lasts for 30 days, get guaranteed original spare parts with reliable technicians.

Starting from the product purchased according to the date of purchase/proof of purchase.

There are non-conforming terms, please see details of warranty card claim terms & conditions.

Depending on the type of damage and the necessary corrective action, and depending on the stock availability at our branches.

Our special program, which is related to after-sales services for all customers.