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Which MODENA Are You?
Our Future
A driving force towards an interconnected world

Our R&D team is constantly making the efforts to bring the best of technology for home appliances - for better life, better future

What's On

The MODENA Aspiration

MODENA Goes Green
It starts from you

We are investing in some wild ideas to move closer to Carbon Neutral. We are taking multiple measures and exploring various solutions, from using recycled aluminum and glass to recreate a new refrigerator and washing machine, to our energy saving products, to 100% recycled carton boxes, because in the fight to save our precious Earth, everything matters.

Why go to Mars when we can still save the Earth?

Excel with Passion

At MODENA, people come first in everything we do. MODENA is adamant in its commitment to be the best, not only for those who use our product, but also to those who have helped built it.

Starting from the design to the engineering, the people who are behind MODENA are driven by the highest level of passion and work in a safe space. We provide fair working hours, a safe workplace, and a strong educational program to bring out the passion in every person.

Every MODENA product is carefully thought out, every material is carefully sourced and selected to protect every person in our supply chain and this planet we call home.

MODENA Care | Aspired to Inspire
MODENA Supports Medical Workers to Fight COVID-19
The need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in order to fight COVID-19 is getting higher and higher.
 MODENA Donates Solar Panel to Help Empower Local Communities 
 MODENA did an installation of solar panels in two selected areas around Jabodetabek.