Why Contract Service MODENA so helpful?

Bringing you a more efficient and effective solutions to maintain your products quality.​

Optimize your product with our routine maintenance to forestall problems and get the best quality of your products.​

Get a great exclusive discount on our parts/accessories.​

How to get contract services

Product Information

Provide full product information, including product name, product photo, purchase invoice, warranty card, and age of the product.

Fill in Form

Fill in the form below to inform us which product you would like to register for Contract Service.


We will verify and respond to your request via email or phone in 2 business days.

Make Payment

After our licensor approves of the licensed product.

Contract Service Card

Receive your Contract Service membership card from our technician during their first visit.

Team Visit

Product within the warranty period will receive 2 years of Contract Service, starting from the date of purchase. Product outside the warranty period will receive 1 year of Contract Service.

Contract Service Form

Customer Information

Product Information

Eligible To Contract Service Product
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