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Whether you are looking for high quality home appliances for your temporary residence or building a new business that needs professional tools, our Rental program is the perfect solution to answer all your needs.

Product owned by MODENA, Flexibly change product type into a new one when rental period is over, Free maintenance and service, Service request is resolved within 24 hours
Unit owned by you, Option to change product type with MODENA Trade In or purchase Paid installation and service, Product service is subject to the availability of our technicians
Our Clients Say
MODENA Rental helped start my F&B business by providing me with the proper tools without having to spend a lot of money. This way, I could also allocate funds to other aspects of the business.

Juan D. Moriarty (JD), 28
F&B Business Owner

After moving to a new building, we faced the challenge of providing the best amenities for our employees. Luckily, we were introduced to MODENA Rental, which allowed us to provide them just that.

Rizka E., 31​
Office Manager

I was raised with MODENA products. So, I was very happy that I could still use MODENA products at our various residences when we had to move around for work. Life is just much easier with them.​

Daniella T., 27​
Digital Nomad

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