MODENA Corporate Governance

Whistleblower System

MODENA is committed to maintaining a clean and responsible work environment.

This Whistleblower System (WBS) is a reporting tool for both internal and external stakeholders to report actions done by internal MODENA employees that were indicated to have violated the code of conduct, principles, regulations, and laws that apply to the company.

Reports submitted through the WBS form below must explain the incident that occurred and the violating parties involved. The identity of the whistleblower and the contents of the report will be kept strictly confidential. We guarantee to protect the security of the reporter against any threats or retaliations that result from the report. Complaints obtained from the WBS will be investigated and followed up in an independent and confidential manner.

Thank you for your concern and trust in MODENA.



Fraud is a dishonest act that causes potential loss or real loss to the company or company employees or other people but is not limited to money theft, theft of goods, fraud, forgery.



Theft is taking the goods or services either fully or partly owned by the company, with the intention of illegally possessing it.



Corruption is the misappropriation or misuse of money (companies, organizations, foundations, and so on) for personal gain or other people.



Bribery is the act of giving money, goods or other forms of bribery to change the attitude of the recipient towards the interests of the giver.



Gratification is a gift in a broad sense, which includes the provision of money, rebates (discounts), commissions, interest-free loans, travel tickets, lodging facilities, tourist trips, free medical treatment, and other facilities.


Abuse of Authority

Abuse of Authority is an act that takes advantage of an individual's position or authority that deviates from the original purpose of the position or authority given.


Conflict of Interest

A Conflict of Interest is a situation where a person is faced with personal interests that may be placed above interests of the company, and may jeopardize the company's operations, profits, or trade secrets.



Harassment covers a wide range of unwanted behavior, including physical contact and verbal abuse that causes emotional distress to the harassed.


Violation of Company Regulations

Violation of Company Regulations is an act of violation by employees towards policies, systems and procedures, rules, and agreements that apply internally to the company.


Violation of Laws and Regulations

Violation of Laws and Regulations is an act that is contrary to the applicable laws and regulations.