Unleash your potential with us
We are always looking for the brightest, hungriest minds to join our expanding force – those who dream to make a difference in the world. Here, we constantly challenge ourselves to redefine and reinvent the flow of people’s daily lives in the future.


Better Together
Collaboration is the key to our success. Here, we complement each other’s knowledge and skill sets to achieve a larger mission of creating new wonders for the world.
United in Diversity
We believe in diversity above all. No matter how you look or where you come from, we see the uniqueness of each individual as a valuable addition to our innovative process.
Friendship First
At MODENA, people are at the heart of everything we do. We are akin to family, rather than just colleagues, as our bond goes beyond work to a shared vision for the future.

Continous learning and self-growth with

MODENA Academy

Development is a constant throughout your career at MODENA. We encourage our people to grow and support them by providing expertly crafted launching pad programs that range from soft to hard skills.  

Our dedicated MEDP – MODENA Employee Development Program consists of three stages:

  • Education - Training, Certifications, Seminars, Workshops
  • Exposure - Coaching, Mentorship, Buddying / Shadowing
  • Experience - Onsite Training, Stretch Assignments, Projects

Your passion to excel is our pride.


Discover an atmosphere of joy and collaboration the moment you step into our workspace. Our fully-integrated MODENA Campus is the place to be, where productivity and achievements are supported by both peers and place.