Water Dispenser - Spigliato

DD 7180


Water dispenser with ergonomic tap design and easy to use.

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Water dispenser with ergonomic tap design for easier use.

Easy Access Bottom Loading

A more ergonomic, easily accessible water gallon for replacement and maintenance

Ergonomic Tap

The tap is located above the dispenser making it easy to dispense water.

Child Lock Button

Hot water button with child lock for extra protection.

Water Dispenser - Spigliato

Ergonomic water dispenser design with top water tap.


Width: 270 mm
Depth: 320 mm
Height: 1290 mm
Weight: 19 kg


1. Bottom Loading
2. 1 Water Tap
3. Hot & Cold
4. Ergonomic Tap Design
5. Smart Water Storage Sensor
6. Child Lock
7. Stainless Steel SUS304 Food Grade Pipe & Tank
8. Heating Power: 500 W
9. Cooling Power: 85 W


1. Water Dispenser
2. 1 Pcs Water Tap
3. 1 Set Water Collector
4. 1 Pcs Manual Book
5. 1 Pcs Warranty Card
Hot and Cold
Equipped with hot and cold water taps
Stainless Steel 304 Tank & Pipe
Water tanks and pipes made of Food Grade Stainless Steel 304, rust and mildew free
Smart Water Storage Sensor
Smart sensor that can detect when water runs out so you can replace it with new gallons.


Sorry, the product is currently out of stock