Hand Shower - Stroppia

HS 6532


High-Pressure Handheld Shower Heads make your showering experience powerful and impressive.

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High-pressure handheld showerheads make your showering experience powerful and impressive.

Adjustable Holder Angle

The bracket can be adjusted for hand-free operation at any desired angle.

Sliding Bar Holder

Allows you to adjust any height of handheld shower head to accommodate both kids and adults, providing perfect shower experience for every family member.

3 Shower Patterns

Choose either a high-pressure shower head for fast, efficient results or a larger rain shower head for enhanced coverage and a more luxurious, relaxing sensory experience.

Hand Shower - Stroppia

At MODENA, we constantly innovate exclusive showerheads. It’s our mission to bring you elegant, well-made products that suit your lifestyle and will continue to serve you long into the future.


Diameter: 100 mm
Depth: 72 mm
Length: 250 mm
Weight: 0.4 kg


1. 1 Shower Pattern
2. Static Holder
3. ABS Plastic Shower Head
4. ABS Plastic Holder
5. Stainless Steel Flexible Hose


1. Hand Shower
2. Holder
3. Flexible Hose
4. Screws 
5. Fischers
6. Seal Rings
Flexible Design
Can be used as an overhead and handheld shower.
Extensive Use
Suitable for bathing young kids or washing pets.
Install in Minutes
Simply screw in the showerhead to your standard connector, and enjoy the flexibility of a handheld showerhead.


Sorry, the product is currently out of stock