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Kitchens have always been a priority and a necessity to our living space. But as we now live in a modern era, a kitchen is no longer a space that only serves for cooking purposes, but also acts as an aesthetic element of the house. With MODENA’s expertise in the field of providing top quality home appliances and kitchenware, we are here to offer you the opportunity to build your dream kitchen without the hassle. With MODENA Cucine’s one-stop-shop system that offers the supply of appliances, design service, to the production and installation, creating your dream kitchen comes easy.

Kitchen Design

Also known as Pullman Kitchen, is a kitchen layout in the form of a straight line where all kitchen utensils are placed on the same side. This layout is usually used in residences that have narrow space.


A kitchen layout that brings together 2 sides of the cabinet in the form of the letter L, where the placement of kitchen utensils will usually be separated on 2 different sides according to the grouping.


A kitchen layout that is installed on 3 sides of the room and connected to each one of its corners like a U shape.This layout can maximize all sides of the room for the placement of kitchen utensils.

With Island

A kitchen layout where a stand-alone table is placed in the middle of the room or opposite the existing kitchen cabinets. This stand-alone kitchen table can serve as a table to prepare meals or an area for family members or friends to gather in the kitchen. 


With the help of our experts, designing and visualizing your dream kitchen only takes one easy step. Building a kitchen that represents your special and unique personality and character will no longer be just a dream!


Our production facility uses the latest machines and technology to achieve the best quality for every product.


The process of installation will be done by professionals to guarantee the best outcome.

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If you need more assistance or info about our kitchen designs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you answer any of your concerns about our products and service. 

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